Wellturn WT-776 800M Remote Control Pet Training Collar For 3 Dogs

Wellturn 3 Dogs 800M Remote Electronic Waterproof Dog Shock Collar

√  Rubber conductive column
√  1-99 levels of static shock and vibration
√  LCD screen
√  Water-resistant collar
√  4 modes: static shock, vibration, beep and light.
√  Expandable up to 3 dogs collar



Main Features

1. Built-in high capacity lithium rechargeable batteries (550mAh).

2. Water-resistant collar receiver. (soak).

3. Convenient, easy-to-read LCD screen that shows the stimulation level.

4. 4 modes: static shock, vibration, beep and light.

5. Expandable up to 3 dogs collar.

6. Auto Power Save :The Remote and Receiver will go into standby mode if no opera ons within 5 minutes.

7. Fits all dogs. From 15 to 100 lbs with a nylon collar size from 14 to 23 inches long.

8. With 100 levels of corrections of static shock and vibration, you are able to find the right correction for your pet’s personality and size.

9. Quickly synchronize the transmitter with collar receiver, within 10 seconds.




PROFESSIONAL TRAINING ELECTRIC DOG TRAINING SHOCK COLLAR: Electric Remote Dog Training Shock Collar used by expert trainers and first time pet owners, Can be used to help correct barking, walking, leash training, sitting, aggression, and other behavioral obedience

ANTI-LOST: There is an outdoor anti-lost light on the side of the dog’s receiver. When you walk the dog at night, if your dog hides in the grass of the garden, you can find it at once.You do not have to worry Your dog is lost.Even the vehicle will advance through this light to see your dog.

MULTI-DOG TRAINING SYSTEM: This Electric Remote Dog Training Shock Collar for dog has 4 training modes(Shock/Vibration/Light/Sound)ranges up to 800M and 1-99 vibrating level.You can choose channels for max 3 Receivers with one Remote.

RECHARGEABLE & 100% WATERPROOF: It is worth mentioning that the rechargeable transmitter and receiver can be charged at the same time.And the Remote and Receiver will go into standby mode if no operations within 5 minutes.High Water-resistant receiver can allow your dog to play in outdoors.Your pet can swim or walk in the rain with it.

FIT ALL DOGS : Fits all dogs from 15 lbs and larger with a collar size from 8 to 26 inches。Rubber conductive column, make dog wear more comfortable!





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How Test The Dog Training Collar System?

1. Test the  shock function: Take out the test bulb and put it on the receiver's contact point pressthe shock button .the test bulb will be on.

2.Test the vibration function: Press the vibration button. the receiver will vibrate.

3. Test the sound function: Press the sound button .the receiver will sound beep.








How to Pair the Remote and Receiver?

1.Press the shock button or vibration button to turn on the remote.

2.Choosse a channel CH1 or CH2 or CH3 by press the CH button.

3.Adjustthe level by press + or - button, make sure the level above 01.

4.Press the power button of the receiver by 3 seconds, you hear a sound like beep,and the indicator lightis flashing;now quickly,press the vibration button or shock button within 10 seconds after the sound beep,you can hear a sound beep again ,that means the pairing successful.

5.If you have 2 or 3 receivers, just choose the different channel ,and pair as above same steps.







How to charge the trainer?

How to charge the remote?

1.plug the cable to the charge hole.

2.connect the usb charge adapter and plug it into outlet.

3.when you charging, the battery icon in the screen will be flashing. after charge fully , the battery icon stop flashing.

How to charge the Receiver? 

1.open the rubber cover of the reveiver's charging hold. 

2.plug the cable to the charging hold.

3.connect the usb charge adapter and plug it into outlet.

4.the indicator green LED light will be flashing;after charge fully , the green LED light will stop flashing and always on.







Dog training collar of the power saving mode?

1.If no operation on the remote within 10 seconds the back lit of screen will be off, and no operation with in 30 seconds, the remote will be sleep mode. the screen display will be shut off .press any button can activate the remote.

2.if no signal to the receiver within 5minutes it will go into standby mode; you could press shock or vibration or sound button to activate it .

3.you could turn the receiver off by pressing the power button of the reveiver.






What can you do for your Product? 

1. You can choose your own product packaging, we can provide free design model. Until you are satisfied.

2. If you have your own logo, we can add your own logo to your product. But you have to pay a small fee.

3. According to different countries we are equipped with different plugs, For example: UE, US, UK, CN, AU or others.

4. You can also choose a different strap: TPU Collar Strap or Nylon Collar Strap.



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PACK STYLE:  Color box
NET Weight (kg):  13KGS
GROSS Weight (kg):  14KGS
CTN/SIZE (cm):  47X45X35.5CM
Single Packing : 19X15X5.3CM


Transmitter         x 1
Receiver         x 1
TPU Strap         x 1
Charger         x 1
Use Manual         x 1
Rubber Cap         x 2
Charging Cable         x 1
Test Light         x 1
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