Wellturn WT-774-F 880 Yards Remote Electronic Waterproof Dog Shock Collar

Wellturn 2 Dogs 880 Yards Remote Electronic Waterproof Dog Shock Collar

√  The shell is made of UV + ABS material. 
√  Receiver collar is highly waterproof
√  3 modes: static shock/vibration /sound.
√  0-8 Levels for static shock and vibration 
√  880 Yards control distance.
√  Up to 2 dogs



Main Features

1. The shell is made of UV + ABS material. Hardness, wear resistance, good transparency.

2. Receiver collar is highly waterproof, so your pet can wear it and swim in the water.

3. It has 3 functional modes: static shock/vibration /sound.

4. Levels of vibration and static shock are adjustable,and a proper level has to be determined when you use this pet training systerm for the first time,you are advised to try Level 0-8 gradually.

5. The remote distance is 880 Yards(without any disturbance).

6. There are two signal channels on the remote transmitter,it can control two receivers of the same model.

7. Energy-saving design:automatic stand by model and memory functions.

8. This model is suitable for most large,medium and small-sized dogs.




The Wellturn dog training Dog Shock Collar with remote makes a great gift for your pet loving trainer friends or family! Give them the gift that helps them bring peace and harmony into their doggy household!

The Wellturn dog training e-collar WT-774-F Electric Training Collar is designed with powerful RF technology to provide an unprecedented 880 Yards range to train your dog and can train up to two dogs at a time, especially for hunting dogs (others only offer 330 yards)

3 TRAINING MODE: Three types of stimulation( Static Stimulation & Vibration, and a standard Tone (Beep) Mode), and 0-8 levels of vibration and 0-8 levels of static shock. Consistent, positive sessions will have your pup respecting you in no time! It’s even rainproof and made of durable nylon material, keeping your dog safe in all conditions.

PROFESSIONAL & DURABLE: Adjustable collar strap; 100% Waterproof receiver and rainproof transmitter; You don’t have to worry about it endurance. It has a 300mA built-in long life battery. Really rechargeable design! Save more time and money. Let you spend more time with your pet. Such a good product must not be an LCD screen. Blue screen and white words, training at a glance.






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Contact signal between remote and receiver

1. Open the remote transmitter, adjust the level of vibration or static shock above 0.

2. Press the "1/2" button to choose a signal channel you want to use.

3. Press the ON/OFF button of receiver, the receiver will has a short "beep" sound, now the receiver is opening.then the red LED light will flash one time every 8 seconds.

4. After the receiver opening, press on/off button for 1 second,the red light will become fast flicker,the fast flicker will last for 10 seconds, at this time you must press function button(static shock/vibration /sound,which one all can be) of the remote,then you can listen a beep sound,it prove the remote and receiver contact signal successful.

5. If you do not press the function button within 10 seconds, please contact them again.

6. If you have 2 receivers, switch the "1/2" button to choose another channel for signal contact.








How to match dog training collar?

Press  on remote to choose from A and B. Press and hold the switch on collar until you hear a beep and a green light starts to flash quickly. Press Y button on the remote to finish matching process. Match one collar to A and the other to B if you are training two dogs.







How to charge the trainer?

How to charge the remote dog training collar?

1.Lift the rubber cover on the collar charging jack.

2.Connect the charger connectors to the remote and collar.

3.Connect the USB port to the charging adapter.

4. Plug the charger into a standard wall outlet.

5.Charge the unit for 4 hours for the first charge. Recharges take only 2-3 hours.

6.During the process a red light comes on the collar and it goes off when the collar is full charged

7.Remove the charger connector when charging is completed.






How to use it to train a dog?

Press on remote to choose from dog A, dog B and both. Press M button to choose from vibration, shock, sound and light. Under vibration and sound modes, press ▲ and ▼ to set strength levels. There are 8 levels for each mode. Press Y button to activate the collar. When you press and hold the Y button under light mode, the light on the collar will keep flashing to help you find your dog in darkness.

Note: A 10s continuous shock will be given by pressing and holding Y button on the remote. Then it will stop automatically to protect your dog. The unit will become functional again after 6 seconds.






What can you do for your Product? 

1. You can choose your own product packaging, we can provide free design model. Until you are satisfied.

2. If you have your own logo, we can add your own logo to your product. But you have to pay a small fee.

3. According to different countries we are equipped with different plugs, For example: UE, US, UK, CN, AU or others.

4. You can also choose a different strap: TPU Collar Strap or Nylon Collar Strap.



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PACK STYLE:  Color box
NET Weight (kg):  16.5KGS
GROSS Weight (kg):  17.5KGS
CTN/SIZE (cm):  42X37.5X35CM
Single Packing : 17.5X10.2X6.5CM


Transmitter         x 1
Receiver         x 1
Nylon Strap         x 1
Charger         x 1
Use Manual         x 1
Charging Cable         x 1
Contact Probes         x 4
Test Light         x 1
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