Wellturn 758 Small Light Weight Anti Dog Bark Collar

Wellturn Anti-Bark Dog Collar

√  Small Light Weight

√  7 Levels for Sensitivity & Correction Levels

√  Static Shock & Beep Collar with Auto-Protaction Design



 Small Dog Static Vibrate Anti Bark Collar 758


Main Features

1. Patented design with small and fine of meniscus shape.

2. Easy and convenient to test the functionality and sensitivity by blowing.

3. 7 levels of sensitivity adjustment by+ and -buttons to be suitable for different dogs.

4. 2 training modes: beeper and static shock.

5. 7 different combinations of beeper and static shock to train dogs effectively.

6. Adjustable leather leash from 6” to 30” to suit for different dogs: small, medium and large



PET758 is a unit with basic bark training funtion, it can conduct beep and beep & shock combined function when your dog barks loudly, and it's small light weight design makes it work well on family dogs. 


There are 7 intensity for sensitivity and correction both, the former one is adjustable accroding to different occassions, and the latter one could be conducted automatically while training when your dog barks. 


The Dog Protection Program is suggested for E collar selection, it helps ensure safety when training. The PET758 would go into protection program when dog keeps barking even the system reaches the Top correction level, there is a pause for 1 minute, the the systems would works from the lowest correction.



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                  Small Size Dog Bark training collar 758


Operating Instructions:

Install a 6 volt alkaline battery, and it would works on its own. There are two BUTTONS for adjusting the sensitivity for the barking sensor inside, you can choose 1-7 sensitivity levels, when you get it for the frist time from the factory, it's set to the 4th level.

Place the unit around your dog's neck and adjust the collar length with the slide buckle comes with the unit. Make sure the electrodes could reach your dog's skin, shave your don's fur under the neck when needed.



Anti-Bark Collar Wellturn 758





The Anti-Bark Collar 758 stops barking with progressively increasing sound and shock controlled by a microprocessor , it is also designd to distinguish noises from outside protecting your dogs from mis-triggerring, it would deliver sound and shock automatically when your dog barks.




Anti Barking Dog E Training Colllr Wellturn 758



How does it works

WT758 stops dog's barking automatically, and the protection program makes it 100% safe for your beloved dogs. When your dog barks for the first time, a short warning tone would be deliverd, and when he keeps barking or barks again with 30s, there would comes an intenser tone, the third barking would trigger the Beep & Shock combined function, and it's intensity goes up for barks every after.




Anti-Bark E Collar Wellturn 758



Auto-protection Program

There are 7 correction levels to go through when dog barks, and if your dog is subornd enough that he keeps barking even the system reaches the peak correction level, the PET758 would go into a protection mode for 1 minute and then works from the "tone only" correction.




Dog Bark Shock Collar WY758



For the first trying, your dog may trigger the peak correction levels for several times to learn how to be cute, and after that the beep sould can help him notice the noises, because he dosen't want to trigger the combined correction, that is the way it helps teach a dog to be cute.




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Bark Stop Collar

        x 1

Nylon Strap

        x 1 

Test Light

        x 1

Contact Probes

        x 4


        x 1

Use Manual

        x 1

Model WT758
Gross Weight(kg) 0.12kgs
Receiver weight(kg) 0.12kgs
Box size(cm) 7.5×8×4.2cm
Receiver size(cm) 7×3.5×3.5cm
Collar maximum(cm)  58cm
Collar minimum(cm) 13cm



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