Wellturn 998DRB 300M Li-Battery Dog Training Collar

Wellturn Hot Dog E Collar

√  300m Remote Multi-Dog Training

√  Rechargeable Rainproof E Collar with Ergonomic Design

√  Basic Dog Training Function with 1-100 Levels

√  Auto-Protection Design, 100% Safe for Training




Main Features

1. Easy-to-use, ergonomic transmitter.
2. Rainproof receiver for bad weather training.
3. Rechargeable collar and transmitter.
4. Rheostat dial that allows for gradual increases in intensity between 0-100 levels.
5. 4 training modes: static shock/ vibration/ beep/ light.
6. The Petrainer Element 998DR has a 300 meters range.
7. Two-dog model allows the trainer to control two dogs from one transmitter.
8. Power saving design with automatic standby and memory function.
9. No external antenna on the collar receiver.
10. Small receiver/collar is ideal for small and medium size dogs.



The 998DRB E-collar is designed with basic pet dog training functions: Static Shock, Vibration ,Beep and Light. What makes it different is it's One-Stop training system. You don't need to remember the buttons with their different functions, you may press " the other buttons " by mistake. For 998N, you just need to press the " Mode " to choose the training method you want, and press " Y " for final confirmation. In this way, you can get your dog well-trained effectively.


The WT-998DRB is an E-collar with wide stimulation range for vibration and static shock, you can choose the proper levels depending on how your dog reacts while training, it goes well with a large range of dogs with different sizes. The No Jump design can protect the dog from sudden increase in intensity. make the training experience safe and enjoyable


The receiver will TURN OFF if it is unused for 4 minutes, and any movement will activate the receiver into STANDBY MODE. The transmitter will go into STANDBY MODE if there is no operation after 20 seconds and turn off after 2 minutes.



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 998DRB Electronic Dog Training Collar


1. Charge the remote transmitter:

1) Connect the charger connector to the charging jack

2) Plug the charger into a standard outlet.

3) The red light on the transmitter will light up.

4) Charge the transmitter for at least 6 hours for the first charge.

5) After charging is complete, the red light will turn off automatically.



998DRB Multi Dog Training Collar

2. Charge the collar receiver:

1) Connect the charger connector to the DV-5V hole.

2) Plug the charger into a standard outlet.

3) The red light will appear on the receiver.

4) Charge the receiver for at least 6 hours for the first charge or until

    the light indicates charging is complete.

5) After charging is complete, the red light will turn off automatically.

998DRB Welturn Dog Remote E Collar

3. Connect transmitter and receiver:

1) Turn on the transmitter by pressing any button on the transmitter.

2) Press “1/2” button to choose channel for pairing, choose channel first receiver.

3) Lift the Rubber cover of the reset hole on the receiver. Press the Reset button

    inside of the receiver with a pen or paper clip, and the red LED light will turn on.

4) After a beep from the receiver, press the “Y” button  within 10 seconds.

5) The collar receiver will beep if connected successfully.

6) To encode the second receiver, press the “1/2” button and select for the second

    receiver and follow the same procedure.


998DRB Wellturn Electric Dog Trainer



4. Test static shock function:

1) Place the test light to the metal screws

    (ensure contact points are not attached when attempting to test the shock function).

2) Select Static Mode by pressing the “Mode” button.

3) Select static stimulation level by pressing UP/DOWN button and choose between

    1-100 stimulation levels.

4) Press “Y” button, and the LED will flash on.


998DRB 300m Remote Dog E Collar



1. The transmitter will go into Standby Mode if there is no operation after 20 seconds

    and will turn off after 20 minutes.The receiver will go into Standby Mode if unused

    for 4 minutes. Any movement from the dog will activate the receiver.

2. “1/2” button to choose channel for connection. Channel 1 can only operate the first

    receiver and Channel 2 can only operate the second receiver.

3. In working mode, if you want to reconnect the receiver to the transmitter, simply press

    the reset button with a pen or paper clip, there will be a beep sound to indicate that it

    is ready to encode.

4. The design of the receiver is to be rainproof. The rubber cover has to put in the right

    position to ensure rainproof.



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PACK STYLE: Color box


NET Weight (kg): 9.3KGS

GROSS Weight (kg): 10.3KGS

CTN/SIZE (cm): 35X34X44CM



        x 1


        x 1 

Nylon Strap

        x 1


        x 1

Charging Cable

        x 1

Contact Probes

        x 4

Test Light

        x 1

Use Manual

        x 1

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