Wellturn JB-05 Mist-Spray Dog Bark Training E Collar

Wellturn Citronella Mist Spray Bark Collar

√  Voice-activated Mist Spray E Collar

√  Battery Operated

√  Shock Free Dog Bark Collar


 Mist Spray Dog Collar Wellturn JB05


Main Features

1. Automatically distinguish dogs' barking without interferences from outside sounds & frequency.

2. Automatically detects battery & mist energy.

3. Make dogs stop barking in a short time.

4. Purely natural mist liquid is no harmful to dogs.

5. Low power consumption, average life battery to 2-4 months




Don't wanna put a hard training method on your small dogs, worrying the shock correction may hurt?  The static shock featured dog training collar are not allowable in your country ? Now, here comes the JB-05 Mist-spray dog bark stop e collar, get your dog well trained effectively with no static shock corrections.



The Dog Bark Training System JB-05 uses citronella mist as correction to stop your dog's barking, and the citronella is 100% for pet and human, your dog will not like the fragrance and stop barking as soon as the unit effects the correction. 



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Mist Dog Spray Collar Wellturn JB05



About JB-05

The mist-spray bark stop device WT-JB05 can eliminate dog barking without any harm. When your dogs barks loudly, the barking frequency could activate the sensor receiption system inside, and the terminator will spray a mist of citronella which is proven to be natural without any CFC, the mist would remind your dog of his inproper behaviour, the whole training process would be safe & effective.




Mist Bark Spray Dog E Collar Wellturn JB05




Take the product out of the package, open battery over, install battery that comes with the unit, we suggest you to turn off the unit or take out the battery when you don't need it for some time.




Mist Spray Dog Training Collar Wellturn JB05



Turn on/off

Push the power button on the unit for 2 seconds, then you will see the green light flashes every 5 seconds, and the training program is ready for normal operations.



JB-05 Dog Bark Mist Spray Terminator




Working Principle:

1. First bark doesn't trigger the spray correction.

2. If there is a 10-second-pause between the barks, it won't trigger the system.

3. If the second bark comes within the 10 seconds after the first one, the system sprays.

4. If your dog keeps barking with in 10 seconds, system sprays for every second bark.




Anti-Bark Mist Dog Training Collar Wellturn JB05




Refill Mist Liquid:

When you see the yellow LED light flashes continuously, it means you need to refill the system, turn off the system firstly.  There is a little gas inside of the unit before leaving out factory, you can refill the system with following steps:


1. There may be some air inside, making it hard for refillment, you the first things to do is to release the

    air, press the injection interface hole on the unit with a needle, releasing the air from the injection hole.

2. Hold the gas-charging bottle vertically, insert the injection needle into the gas hole on the unit, press the

    needle for 5 seconds then release to finish the first charging, then give it a second press for 10

    seconds to finish the refilling.




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NET Weight (kg): 7.7 KGS

GROSS Weight (kg): 8.7 KGS

CTN/SIZE (cm): 35X34X44CM





        x 1 

   Nylon Strap

        x 1

   Refill Bottle

        x 1


        x 1

   Use Manual

        x 1


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